Connecting the Unconnected

Send text, images and files without
using an Internet connection or SMS

Download Bridgefy to stay connected
in situations and places where you couldn't before

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How It Works

Bridgefy is more than a regular messaging app
There are 3 ways you can connect with your friends

  • Person-to-Person

    Send messages directly from your phone to a friend's phone when you are within ~525 feet / 160 meters of each other, without needing Internet

  • Wi-Fi Network

    Chat with friends connected to the same Wi-Fi Network as you, even if it's not providing Internet

  • Online

    Connect with friends anywhere by using an Internet connection

  • Broadcast

    Send messages to all Bridgefy users around you, even if they're not in your contacts

Use Cases

Large events

Concerts, music festivals, stadiums

Search & Rescue

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis

Remote locations

Rural communities, cruise ships, international travel


Industrial, military, existing apps

The Bridgefy Project

Bridgefy is much more than a messaging app. We're on our way to bringing offline telecom technologies to as many parts of everyday life as possible.

We believe that having access to Internet is a must, but it's equally important to work with fellow developers and cover those billions of situations in which people lose access to Internet and phone services.

Here are some of the milestones in our future:

  • Connect whole communities (rural & urban)
  • Real-time offline communications (voice & video)
  • Community file-sharing (offline torrents)
  • Global emergency rescue system

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