Bridgefy is the mobile messaging app that works without Internet or phone services

Connecting the unconnected

Bridgefy connects the billions of people who lose or don’t have access to Internet every year.

The communication network that will rival the Internet

Users will be able to communicate directly between themselves over large distances without having to depend on Internet or phone services.

Cheaper, better, safer

Cheaper: No more worrying about running out of your data plan, meeting this month’s phone rent, or paying roaming fees. Better: Know when contacts are nearby and talk to them in a fast, efficient way. The app doesn’t drain your battery any more than having your Wi-Fi on would. Safer: Bridgefy is encrypted, so your messages can’t be read by anybody except the people you want to.

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The 3 ways Bridgefy works

  • Peer-To-Peer

    Bridgefy is powered by its users. The more we work together, the more power Bridgefy has. Users can directly text other users who are within 80 yards of them, and to those who aren’t within the 80-yard range through the mesh network. Here’s an example of Brandon using his phone to communicate with Ronnie, through Dave’s phone. All Ronnie has to do is have Bridgefy installed. He doesn’t need to perform any action or even be aware of this event. Privacy is guaranteed because the messages are encrypted.

  • Wi-Fi Network

    Fun fact: you can be connected to a Wi-Fi network and not have internet. The second way the Bridgefy app works is through a Wi-Fi network. This doesn’t mean Internet will be used, as devices can be connected to a Wi-Fi network but not have access to Internet (for example, when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network and you don’t have Internet but your phone is still connected to it). Bridgefy users can connect to a Wi-Fi network and share text messages, images, and files with other users who are connected to the same network. This is extremely useful, as most venues such as stadiums and concert halls have Wi-Fi networks but they don’t function due to great amounts of people using it at the same time.

  • Online Messaging

    As if it weren’t enough, Bridgefy is also an online messaging app. This way, users won’t have to switch between messaging apps when they gain or lose access to Internet. The online version of Bridgefy allows users to communicate with any user in the world and exchange text and voice messages, images, and files through the Internet.


Some places and situations to use Bridgefy

  • Stadiums

  • Rural Areas

  • Natural Disasters

  • International Travel

  • Locations With Controlled Internet

  • Music Festivals