2 answers to know if your business needs an app

2 Answers to Know if Your Business Needs an App

App Development 07/29/2020

It may seem every business has an app right now, when there’s more than 3.5 million apps in Google Play, and 2.2 million in Apple’s App Store, according to Statista. And there’s more:  in 2022, there were over 230 billion app downloads, worldwide consumer spend reached $170 billion in apps, and the average user spent 4.8 hours daily using their mobile phone, as Data.ai reports. These facts are impressive by themselves! But before you make any decision right away, let’s stay rational. In your specific case, how do you know if your business needs an app? Let’s discover the answer together!

2 Answers to Know if Your Business Needs an App

  • Will your app add value? This is our starting point, because it explains why someone would want to download, keep, and revisit your app. Will your app deliver an experience you wouldn’t be able to through another channel? If the answer is no, can your app enhance you’re already delivering, then? Do your competitors have an app? Maybe you could beat them to it, or maybe there’s a reason why they don’t. Do you offer a loyalty program? Because an app could be a great way your customers could keep track, and use, their points!
  • Does it make financial sense? As in the physical world, there are some industries or demographics were an app can do much better. Gaming is the category where the most of all app store spend happens: 72%. However, even if gaming is currently the leader, there are other categories where app spend is growing: retail, video and music streaming, and social.

Sure enough, there are a few big, dominant social apps out there. But yours can be just as successful if you integrate, for example, successful features of social apps (like messaging) with an up-and-coming demographic, like Gen Z.  Gen Z users engage 60% more with apps than older generations. Geographical location is important too, as downloads are being primarily fueled by emerging markets, like India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

These could seem like many cool facts, in and out themselves… but, what if we put them all together? How about an app that integrated social features, aimed to an above-average engaging demographic, and that could be used in markets where growth in downloads and spending is roaring? That can only sound like a recipe for success 😉

Set Up Your App for Success Right From the Start

So now you know your business needs an app. Congratulations! The next logical step would be to prime it for success right from the start. For starters, you should be strategic regarding whom it will be geared towards (like in the previous paragraphs). But you can also design your app in such a way it will have a clear advantage over your competition’s. You can achieve that integrating a powerful and distinctive feature: making it able to work offline.

Can you imagine still being able to engage your users when there’s no Internet available, like in an airplane? What about when the Internet connection is jammed at, for example, a public event? Or when there’s WiFi, but it simply isn’t working? Bridgefy is a strong, versatile technology that makes apps to work offline, allowing your app to be there when no other can. Can you imagine how many users will love using your app for things such as messaging or playing a game, knowing it’ll work always? Create a free account and make it happen!