how does the bridgefy app work

How does the Bridgefy App Work?

Bridgefy App 07/08/2020

The Bridgefy offline messaging app allows you to message other users, even with no Internet! But how exactly is that possible? How does the Bridgefy App work? What is Bridgefy?

What is Bridgefy?

Bridgefy is both a messaging app, and an SDK. As a messaging app, it works similarly to others. The key difference, however, is that it can continue working even if you’re offline. No Wi-Fi? Jammed network? No data? No problem!

How does the Bridgefy App work?

The Bridgefy offline messaging app uses its proprietary software, the Bridgefy SDK, to link different smartphones within a 100 m or 330 ft distance of each other using their Bluetooth antenna, like this:

bridgefy offline messaging app in one to one text

Together, both Android and iPhone Bridgefy users can create a mesh network. This way, your message can “hop” from cellphone to cellphone, and can cover great distances! Like this:

bridgefy one on one long distance message

The people between you and the receiver of your message won’t have access to it. They won’t have to perform any action to deliver it, and they don’t have to be in your contact list, either. Starting in October 2020, all direct messages between two users are encrypted.

Now that we know how a mesh network operates, we can see that this how the Bridgefy app works:

Imagine you’re the device in the center. Bridgefy sends your message to everyone around you, and then to everyone around them, covering a huge amount of users. You can find this feature in the “Broadcast” tab. Broadcasts are a great way to share information in large gatherings.

It’s important to know that, while these messages are also encrypted, communication sent over the Broadcast tab is visible to all nearby Bridgefy users.

What Powers the Bridgefy App?

Bridgefy’s proprietary software is the magic behind it. It allows it to work without the Internet by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas to create mesh networks. Since it’s software, developers can integrate it in other apps to allow them to work offline too!