Unveiling the Tech: A Non-Technical Guide to How Bridgefy Works

App Development 09/07/2023

Ever wondered how Bridgefy’s mesh-network technology works? Let’s dive into the basics!

Bluetooth, Not Internet

First things first: the Bridgefy app operates on Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), not the Internet. That means it uses the same technology that connects your wireless headphones to your phone. BLE uses tiny amounts of battery and processor power, which allows messages to flow in, through, and out of your phone with ease. Click here on your smartphone to download it for free!

A Human Chain of Phones

Imagine you’re at a football game, and the Internet is jammed. With Bridgefy, your phone can send messages to your friend on the other side of the stadium. How? By hopping between phones like stepping stones across a river. Each phone serves as a node, and your message will jump from phone to phone until it reaches its destination. Here’s a very short video where you can see how the tech works.

Size [of Range] Matters

One Bridgefy user can connect with another within about 110 yards (that’s roughly a football field). Now, here’s the cool part: each time your message hits a new phone (node), the range extends by another 110 yards. So, the more people using Bridgefy around you, the farther your message can travel!

Private and Public Chats

Want to send a direct message to a friend? Or perhaps you need to reach everyone at that jam-packed football game? With Bridgefy, you can do both. Private chats stay between you and the person you’re talking to, while public messages are more like an open forum, but local to the people within your chain of phones. Remember, private messages via Bridgefy are encrypted!

Beyond Chat: The Bridgefy SDK

Developers can add this Bluetooth magic into their apps using the Bridgefy SDK (click here to visit the Bridgefy SDK website). This means your favorite event, game, sports, or dating app could soon let you chat, share pics, play, or even order food without needing the Internet. Here’s another short video, detailing how the Bridgefy SDK can help your business boost downloads and engagement.

Why You Should Care

Bridgefy isn’t just a chat app. Imagine the Internet goes down during an emergency. Bridgefy could help you stay connected to loved ones or even get crucial information from first responders. It’s a back-to-basics, local approach to communication, and it’s disrupting the way we think about staying connected.

So there you have it. Bridgefy enables offline, Bluetooth-powered communication in a world that’s otherwise glued to the Internet. Whether you’re at a crowded event or caught in an emergency, Bridgefy keeps you connected in the most uncomplicated way.

And that, folks, is Bridgefy in a nutshell. Simple, efficient, and effective—just like communication should be.