The Impossibility of Perfection: Why Bridgefy Can’t Guarantee 100% Message Delivery

Bridgefy SDK 11/01/2023

At Bridgefy, we pride ourselves on offering innovative technology that allows people to connect and communicate even when the Internet is out of the equation. With the Bridgefy app, downloaded by 9.7 million users as of October 2023, and the Bridgefy SDK, we provide powerful P2P Bluetooth-based messaging solutions that work without relying on traditional Internet connectivity.

However, it’s crucial for our clients and users to understand that while Bridgefy technology is highly effective, it’s not 100% foolproof. We aim for transparency, and so it’s important to discuss the variables affecting Bluetooth communication within our network.

The Complexities of Bluetooth Communication

Imagine a room with 25 people, each with their own smartphone. These phones have different operating systems, hardware, and Bluetooth capabilities. On top of that, people are scattered throughout the room, some near the windows, some tucked away in corners. In this complex scenario, achieving 100% message delivery is an intricate challenge.

It’s not just the hardware and software that make this complicated. The physical layout of the space, obstacles, and even electronic interference can impact Bluetooth communication.

Setting Realistic Expectations

So, what does this mean for message delivery in a Bridgefy network? Although we have built our technology to be as robust as possible, guaranteeing that 100% of messages will be received by all devices within immediate range isn’t feasible. Variables such as device compatibility, spatial arrangements, and environmental factors contribute to the occasional message that may not get through.

The Practical Upside

That said, let’s focus on the brighter side of the spectrum. In a world where connectivity is often taken for granted, Bridgefy provides a valuable alternative when the Internet is unavailable. Even if we consider a 70-80% successful message delivery rate, that’s infinitely better than a 0% rate when critical information needs to be disseminated, especially in times of emergency.

It’s about understanding the odds and playing them well. When crucial information needs to get out, a 70-80% success rate can be a game-changer. Our technology ensures that a significant majority of users within immediate proximity will receive vital messages, thereby vastly improving the chances of effective communication when it’s most needed.

We are constantly working on updates and optimizations to bring that percentage even higher.  Our commitment to enhancing the Bridgefy experience is unwavering, and we’ll never stop improving on our journey.Bridgefy offers a highly effective, yet not infallible, method of P2P Bluetooth communication. While it would be ideal to promise 100% message delivery, the technical landscape makes this a complex challenge. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that in most scenarios, Bridgefy’s technology offers a much-needed lifeline for sharing critical information.