The many ways Bridgefy can help you 

Bridgefy App 05/28/2021

Bridgefy was originally envisioned as a means to connect with family, friends and emergency services during/after a natural disaster and to enable app use for those without Internet.  Since its inception however, it’s grown to be so much more.  

Fifty one percent of smartphone owners don’t have access to a mobile Internet plan. Even those that do have a data plan can lose access to Internet for a huge variety of reasons: natural disasters, large events, travel, etc. When people don’t have Internet, they lose access to the apps they depend on to remain connected, keep their families safe, make/receive payments, access educational content and more. These are some of the many ways Bridgefy can help you:

  • Education

Most education is going digital – teachers and students need to stay connected and organised, both in the classroom and out.  Bridgefy allows for more possibilities servicing social distancing and activities held away from wired internet/wi-fi.

  • Payments

COVID made hands-free payment even more necessary and desirable, accelerating what was already a growing trend. Bridgefy can enable users to make and receive payments anywhere, any time.

bridgefy is useful during or after natural disasters
  • During or after natural disasters

Natural disasters can cause issues with connectivity, leaving people isolated, afraid and unable to communicate with loved ones or emergency services.  Bridgefy-enabled apps can help provide warnings and news on weather and disasters, as well as help people communicate after a disaster has already struck.

  •  Large events

Large events such as conferences, concerts and festivals often have expensive wi-fi infrastructure that doesn’t work much of the time.  Instead of being one of the multitude holding up their phones trying to find a signal, Bridgefy can allow users to reach their friends, check event schedules and receive updates, all without needing an active Internet connection.

bridgefy is useful for ride hailing apps
  • Ride-hailing, international travel and games

Following an event, or upon departing a busy airport it can often be difficult to find transportation.  Bridgefy can make ride-hailing an easier process.  Bridgefy users can also benefit from connecting with others during travel itself – by continuing to use chat apps and turn-based games with each other without needing pricey and often unreliable airplane wi-fi.

Internet access isn’t always a given, but Bridgefy can take some of the uncertainty out of the equation.  An already large variety of use cases is growing all the time as new apps are developed and new ways are found to employ mesh network technology.  Whether it’s an emergency or one is just trying to remain connected with friends and family- Bridgefy can be a solution in many scenarios.