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Why and How To Make Your Mobile App Work Without Internet

Mesh Networks 04/14/2021

It’s the year 2020. You wake up to the sound of your alarm going off. Your favorite yoga app helps you start the day right. You then check your messages, read the news, set a reminder for that important task you have to finish by end-of-day, and go over your to-do list to get an idea of what day 65 of quarantine will look like. What’s the common denominator here? It’s all happening on the supercomputer you have in your hands: your smartphone. Specifically, using mobile apps. Another common factor: most mobile apps can’t work offline. Continue reading to learn how and why to make your mobile app work without internet.

The average smartphone has over 50 apps installed, but only uses an average of 9 apps per day. Multiple messaging apps, a couple of dating apps, two maps/navigation apps, some to-do and reminder apps, plus a handful of news apps make up the core of any app repertoire. It’s hard enough to get on peoples’ phones, let alone in the top 9. What can mobile developers do to make their app stand out?

The Benefit of Making Your Mobile App Work Without Internet

Finding yourself without access to the Internet might not seem like a big deal for a lot of people. However, for a huge part of the world population, it’s practically the standard. For example, 40% of the world will still lack constant access to an Internet connection by 2025. Even you, that can probably afford a data plan, can lose access to it for a huge amount of reasons.

But why should you care? Because problems are always opportunities too.

mobile app work without Internet

Let whole stadiums and concert venues keep using your app after you integrate Bridgefy

We already know that getting your app on a user’s smartphone isn’t guarantee that it’ll be used. But what if your app is the only one on a person’s phone that works in the middle of a concert crowd? After an earthquake or hurricane? On a plane, in a classroom with no Wi-Fi network, or while traveling abroad? Users would automatically turn to your app and ignore the rest, for the simple reason that it’s still available when the others aren’t. It’s simple logic.

Now something that you already know: the more time users spend on your app, the more revenue you can get. It’s a simple win-win, in which users have a better experience by being allowed to stay connected, while you have a unique product that keeps monetizing when it was previously impossible to do. If you make your mobile app work without Internet, you could achieve just that.

Let’s Get To It! This is How You Can Make Your App Work Offline

Connectivity allows whole communities and cities to thrive economically and socially, and even saves lives. The Bridgefy SDK is the the strongest, most versatile offline SDK that is already changing the way companies look at mobile app development. Being there for users when times are tough is an immense differentiator that would inevitably be the single most important reason why someone would prefer your app over another.

Create your free account, and let’s make your users love you even more!

What do you imagine your app can achieve if your app worked offline? How would that impact your and your customer’s lives?

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