The Messaging App That Works Without Internet

Bridgefy is the messaging app that lets you send encrypted offline messages using your phone’s Bluetooth antenna. Stay connected and keep conversations secure at large events, natural disasters, large gatherings, school, and much more when there’s no Internet or Wi-Fi! Learn How It Works.

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The Bridgefy app works thanks to the Bridgefy SDKwhich is basically software that makes any mobile app work without the Internet. Instead of using Internet or phone services (like SMS), the Bridgefy technology runs on Bluetooth Low-Energy. This means that it connects devices 100% without Internet, and can cover large distances.

To learn more about the specific ways the Bridgefy App works, please read our blog article How To Use The Bridgefy Offline Messaging AppYou’ll be able to see illustrated examples of how the Bridgefy app has helped millions of people connect during concerts, festivals, sports events, natural disasters, and more!

You can download the Bridgefy app on this page, or by simply looking for it on your phone’s app store, searching “Bridgefy” and downloading the Bridgefy chat app!

Using the app is very simple. Once you’ve downloaded it on your Android or iOS device, make sure of the following:

  • You have Internet access the very first time you open the app. This lets us activate the magic behind the app, a.k.a. the Bridgefy SDK. Once you’ve done this the very first time, you won’t need the Internet to use the Bridgefy app ever again!
  • Bluetooth is turned on on your device
  • You have the latest version of the Bridgefy app

Remember that you’ll then be able to text other Bridgefy users that are within 330 feet* from you!

**Please DO NOT create an account on if you’re trying to use the messaging app; creating an account is for Bridgefy SDK developer access only.**

*This is an approximate based on testing and Bluetooth specifications. Distance can vary depending on physical conditions, hardware devices, and other potential external factors

To make sure someone else can receive your Bridgefy messages, check that the following are true:

  • That person is within 330 feet* of you
  • You both have the latest version of the Bridgefy app
  • You both have Bluetooth turned on
  • You both already opened Bridgefy while having access to the Internet at least once
  • There isn’t anything between you providing significant interference, such as large buildings


*This is an approximate based on testing and Bluetooth specifications. Distance can vary depending on physical conditions, hardware devices, and other potential external factors.

The Bridgefy messaging app is currently undergoing a series of security and privacy improvements. Sometime during October 2020, we will publish a version of the Bridgefy app that will be extremely safe and private. For the time being and until further notice, we urge users to be cautious when using the Bridgefy app, as outside actors may interfere with it in unfavorable ways for users.

Android users will see a prompt pop up when they’re first using the Bridgefy app, which asks for access to location permissions. This does not mean that we’re going to be tracking or using your location, it just means that the Android operating system requires it from us app developers that need to use the Bluetooth antenna on your phone.

Yes! Bridgefy works on any iOS device that runs at least iOS 10, and has the latest version of the Bridgefy app. iPhones, iPads, iPads Mini, and iPads Pro can all text each other without Internet using the Bridgefy app!