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The Bridgefy SDK makes apps stand out, by making them work without Internet. Join the Bridgefy for Dev Shops program to learn how to build unique apps!

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Business Apps

Bridgefy for Dev Shops Program

  • Do your customers come to you with ideas for apps that already exist?
  • Are engagement and revenue important for your customers?
  • Do you want to set yourself apart from other dev shops?

Bridgefy is a powerful yet easily-implemented SDK that makes mobile apps work without Internet. Create apps that are different from the rest, by letting end-users engage with them during large concerts, at sports stadiums, in schools, or during any moment Internet access is nowhere to be found.

The Bridgefy for Dev Shops program is very simple: we work together with you to offer your customers mobile products that can change the world.

How Does It Work?


Sign Up!

Sign up for the Bridgefy for Dev Shops program, and become a Bridgefy Partner.


Detect if Bridgefy can help your Customer

A customer asked you to build them a new app? Determine if Bridgefy might make that app more powerful. If so, recommend adding the Bridgefy SDK!


Get Paid!

App owners pay to use the Bridgefy SDK on their app, and we pay you a percentage of that.


Stand Out!

Watch demand grow as companies come to you for offline-working apps.

The features millions of people already love

Bridgefy is a plug-and-play SDK that makes your Android and iOS apps work without Internet, by using Bluetooth mesh-networks instead. With just a few lines of code, the Bridgefy SDK can be easily and quickly integrated into apps you build.

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All uses stay engaged by simply using Bluetooth instead of the Internet, and no, not a single device needs to be online.

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From private dating/messaging apps to massive ad and alerts broadcasting apps, the Bridgefy SDK works for every situation.

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The Bridgefy SDK comes will contain state-of-the-art security starting November 2020, which will make sure users stay protected and conversations remain private.

Build World-Changing Products

Working with the Bridgefy SDK will make the apps you build stand out from the others.

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Accelerate adoption rates by improving user experience and reliability.

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Monetize unexplored markets and watch revenue grow.

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Competitive advantage of working without Internet.

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Using Bluetooth instead of Internet reduces server costs.




  • free
  • growth
  • pro
  • enterprise



Per Month

Get Started

Great for development and testing

30 MOU


A Monthly Offline User (MOU) is one of your own users that used the Bridgefy SDK on your app in a 30-day period. One user can engage with your app one, ten, or a hundred times, and that person would still only count as one MOU.

Access to:

  • Full analytics for previous 3 days
  • Generate 1 app
  • $0.20 per extra user over limit
  • Email support



Per Month

Get Started

Ideal for startups and small events

1,000 MOU


A Monthly Offline User (MOU) is one of your own users that used the Bridgefy SDK on your app in a 30-day period. One user can engage with your app one, ten, or a hundred times, and that person would still only count as one MOU.

Access to:

  • Full analytics for previous 7 days
  • Generate 3 apps
  • $0.15 per extra user over limit
  • Email support



Per Month

Get Started

Extra users for growth-driven teams

10,000 MOU


A Monthly Offline User (MOU) is one of your own users that used the Bridgefy SDK on your app in a 30-day period. One user can engage with your app one, ten, or a hundred times, and that person would still only count as one MOU.

Access to:

  • Full analytics for previous 60 days
  • Generate 5 Apps
  • $0.10 per extra user over limit
  • Email and videocall support


Custom Pricing

Contact Us

A plan made to fit large company needs

Unlimited MOU


A Monthly Offline User (MOU) is one of your own users that used the Bridgefy SDK on your app in a 30-day period. One user can engage with your app one, ten, or a hundred times, and that person would still only count as one MOU.

Access to:

  • Dedicated Customer Success
  • Lifetime full analytics
  • Unlimited apps
  • Onboarding Call
  • Many more Enterprise features
Pricing Curve


The amount of people that have a smartphone but lose or don’t have access to the Internet, is huge. Millions of people worldwide find themselves in situations or places that disconnect them from the Internet, but Bridgefy keeps them engaged with mobile apps thanks to its mesh-networking software. Phones create chains of devices using Bluetooth instead of the Internet, thus allowing users to connect even when they’re surrounded by a huge crowd, at an underprivileged school, or traveling abroad.

Imagine any of the following:

  • A teacher being able to share educational content with a whole classroom of students, without depending on a Wi-Fi network
  • A group of friends being able to text each other in the middle of a huge concert crowd, and also being able to get ads from sponsors
  • A dating app working at a crowded bar
  • Being able to get an amber alert at an amusement park, which would help find a lost kid
  • Receiving a hurricane or earthquake alert beforehand, that could save your life
  • Being able to reach others (rescue corps., your loved ones, the police, the fire department, etc.) during or after a natural disaster, like a flood or earthquake

All of these scenarios have already happened, and are possible if you integrate the Bridgefy SDK into your mobile app!

None! Mesh networks can be 100% offline. Literally, all devices can be on airplane mode with Bluetooth on, and they can keep sharing content uninterruptedly. Optionally, developers can choose to implement offline networks or hybrid networks, which do use some devices’ Internet.

Bridgefy currently works using Bluetooth Low-Energy and Wi-Fi Direct, which means there is a large range of options regarding packet types. Text, small files, small images, prompts, triggers, locations, and some types of payments are supported. You can also transfer larger files, but the reliability of the network is decreased because they take longer to send. Read more specific information about package sizes on the developer console FAQ after you log in.

We proudly have versions of the Bridgefy SDK for the following:

  • Android
  • iOS (Objective-C and Swift)
  • React Native
  • Cordova

Security, safety, and privacy are priorities at Bridgefy. We’re currently implementing an award-winning, renowned, and sophisticated encryption protocol, and will include it in a version of the Bridgefy SDK that will be published sometime in July or August 2020. We’ll make sure to let all registered developers know ASAP.

The short answer is: none! Bridgefy mesh networks can be 100% offline, or can use available Internet connections (what we call a “hybrid” network). Just remember that all devices using your Bridgefy-powered app have to connect to the Internet only once before being able to go 100% offline and use that app for as long as they need to. This is in order for us to validate your SDK license on your users’ apps.

There are two communication modes available using the Bridgefy technology: Private and Broadcast.


Private Communications

devices use nearby mesh networks to share private messages. There can be a distance of up to 330ft between two devices, so when there are other devices in the middle, they act as bridges so that you can cover larger distances. The amount of “hops” is unlimited, meaning you can cover an unlimited distance and use an unlimited amount of phones. Information hops from one device to another, and another, until it gets to the person you want to reach.

This is useful for dating, gaming, and social media apps, in which you want to share information, images, or game-moves privately. The people found in the middle won’t even realize that they’re participating in the mesh network. Don’t worry: starting August 2020, Bridgfey will use sophisticated encryption technology to make “hacking” and message interception almost impossible.

Broadcast Communications

When using Broadcast communications, you send messages, location, ads, alerts, etc. to everyone around you that is using the same app. Phones by default have a limit of other devices they can be connected to, so for example, let’s imagine an iPhone 11 being connected to 10 other devices around it. The message is sent to those 10 devices, but then those devices in turn send it to whichever other 10 devices they’re connected to, helping distribute your message to all. This is useful for ads, alerts, stadiums, protests, and much more.

Developers can choose how to make the Bridgefy SDK work for them depending on what kind of app they’re building. Soon, we’ll be able to cover whole cities using Bridgefy + your favorite apps!

It might be confusing to hear about both the Bridgefy SDK and the Bridgefy app, but the differences are easy to understand:

Bridgefy SDK

  • Is for software developers to use
  • Can’t be installed directly on your phone
  • Is software that powers other apps so they can work without Internet


Bridgefy App

  • Is a mobile app for anybody to use, and is powered by the Bridgefy SDK
  • Can be installed on iOS and Android devices
  • Is free and can be used right away to test the Bridgefy SDK

The Bridgefy SDK is based on what we call Monthly Offline Users (MOU). A MOU is an app user that used the Bridgefy SDK in a 30-day period since you activate your developer license. All plans have an “extra user fee”, which lets companies grow without any limitations to whichever plan they chose.

If you go over your plan’s MOU limit, the extra users are charged individually for a separate fee, which varies depending on your plan (see pricing table). The SDK will only block itself if you’re on the Free plan, go over the MOU limit, and didn’t register a credit card. If you did register a credit card for the Free plan, the SDK will not block itself, as you would be automatically charged at the end of the 30-day period for the extra users..

You can cancel or change your plan at any moment. Simply log in with your Bridgefy developer account, and go to the Subscription section in your profile settings.

We try to be as quick as possible with customers on all plans. The only thing that changes is the amount of time that we might take with replying. The free plan is on an “As Soon As Possible” basis, which means we’d probably take 2-3 days to reply. The support for the monthly Growth and Pro plans is within 24 hours (but is usually way less), and support for annual Growth and Pro plans is within 12 hours. All Enterprise plans have a dedicated account manager that is on call Monday through Saturday, from 7am PST to 6pm PST.

You may also purchase Premium Support for any plan. Reach out to us through the developer dashboard to learn more!

The Bridgefy for Dev Shops program is a partnership between Bridgefy and companies/agencies that build mobile apps (a.k.a. “dev shops”) for third-parties. It consists of dev shops offering to include the Bridgefy SDK when building a mobile app for a customer. This makes apps stand out from others, as they’d be the only ones that worked at large events, schools, international travel, natural disasters, and much more.

If you want to learn more, go over to the Bridgefy for Development Shops page!