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Direct Contact


Send messages directly from one device to another, without using Internet or SMS.

Information is shared using devices’ Bluetooth antennas, providing a range of up to 330 feet.

Some use case examples:

  • Turn-based game apps
  • Cruise ship apps
  • Check-in apps

Mesh Network


Similar to direct contact, except you can also send messages to friends that are very far away.

Messages and requests are shared by hopping on devices in the middle to achieve greater distances.

Each hop can provide an extra 330 feet with ideal conditions

Some use case examples:

  • Stadium apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Ride-hailing apps



Not only can you send messages at very large distances between friends, but you can also deliver information to everybody around you very quickly.

The Broadcast functionality also allows messages to be delivered to large audiences and is perfect for announcements, alerts or public chat rooms

Some use case examples:

  • Natural disaster apps
  • Events apps to share ads/alerts
  • Inside-classroom educational apps