Bridgefy SDK (Legacy)

The Bridgefy SDK is already changing the way people communicate. Places and situations where the Internet is nowhere to be found are no longer a deterrent for people to share information!

Try the Legacy version of the Bridgefy SDK, and get a look at how your mobile app can benefit from an extra communications channel that works independently from the Internet.

Click here to watch the Bridgefy SDK video.

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How the Bridgefy SDK Legacy program works

  1. The Bridgefy SDK Legacy is free to use, and has a 100 monthly active user limit. It should only be used to run tests and to get acquainted with the different parts of the SDK.
  2. We do not provide support for this version, as we’re focusing on finishing the full version. Nevertheless, all feedback is welcome and helpful!
  3. The Bridgefy SDK Legacy version shouldn’t be used in production environments, as it has some notable security vulnerabilities. It will be discontinued and disabled as soon as the full version is released (December 2021).