Make your app work without Internet

The Bridgefy SDK is made to easily and quickly integrate into your app’s code, without having to worry about communications interfaces.

Cross-platform connectivity

The Bridgefy SDK allows your Android and iOS users to stay connected to each other during the toughest of times, by simply using the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas on their smartphones instead of the Internet.

Real, working mesh-networks

Mesh-networks have existed for a long time, but the Bridgefy SDK makes it possible for mobile devices. Your users create powerful chains of devices that can be used to share information over unlimited distances. Connections are always battery-efficient, quick, and starting October 2020: end-to-end encrypted.

Private or Broadcast messaging

The Bridgefy SDK is made to suit all kinds of apps. Whether you’re a messaging app and want to enable private messages between 2 people or an events app that wants to broadcast the same message to everyone present, Bridgefy has you (and your users) covered. Click here to learn more about the difference between private and broadcast communications.

Priceless offline-usage analytics and decreased spend on servers

By using your app when it was previously impossible to do before, your users will generate data that none of your competitors has access to. Penetrate previously unreachable markets and be the only app available when others fail. The Bridgefy analytics dashboard is useful for the development, marketing, and business teams in your company.

Want more? Bridgefy also reduces your monthly spend, by allowing your users to share data without going through servers.