Connecting The Unconnected

  • 1 billion people aren’t covered by 3G or 4G networks.
  • 3.3 billion people live in areas where mobile Internet can be accessed, but remain without a mobile Internet subscription.
  • 1 billion people own a smartphone but don’t own a data plan.
  • 40% of the world population is forecast to remain unconnected by 2025.

These numbers represent huge amounts of potential users that aren’t being reached by mobile apps. Bridgefy keeps your app working even when people don’t have access to Internet.

Getting Started With The Bridgefy SDK
The Many Ways Bridgefy Works

Internet isn’t the only way

Most apps don’t really need the Internet to keep working. Save on server costs, open up to new use cases.

Here are some types of apps that work better with Bridgefy:

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Messaging, dating, and networking apps working without Internet can create new connections that weren’t possible before

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Large Events

Concert, stadium, and festival apps that are powered by Bridgefy can improve experiences for both attendees and staff members

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Ad distribution

Apps of all types that run ads can keep doing so, by triggering sounds, images, and locations to be shown on users’ phones

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Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft can let their users get rides when they previously couldn’t, like when they’re traveling abroad, leaving a crowded event, or in the middle of a busy city.

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Natural disaster and general alerts

Apps that alert people about earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, or missing children become invaluable during tough times, which is when people typically lose access to Internet.

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Turn-based games like chess, Pokémon Go, and Black Jack are perfect examples of apps that people want to keep using when traveling, at school, or at events.

These are just some examples of the many use cases for apps that keep working when users need them the most.

We can’t wait to hear about what great ideas you come up with!