Constant engagement among users

Keep users engaged by allowing them to share content amongst each other in unconventional places and situations. Text messages, game moves, location, and dating app “swipes” can all keep happening when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Music &
sports events

Chat apps

Game apps

Dating apps

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Reach the masses

A large crowd no longer means a connectivity gap. Share ads, educational content, alerts, and general information with a huge amount of users at the same time, from your administrator app. Learn more about 100% offline mesh-networks.



Venue information

Reach an exponential amount more users

Use the Internet connection of those that have one, to send them information that is then relayed to other nearby users that are offline, increasing the reach of your app exponentially. Learn more about hybrid mesh-networks on our blog.

Remote &
rural locations


Natural disasters
& amber alerts

Contact tracing
for pandemic control

Beyond smartphones

The Bridgefy vision has always been to provide accessible means of communications to everyone. To achieve this, we’re developing a version of the Bridgefy SDK that will let us connect laptops, smart cars, IoT devices, and much more!

Traffic reporting

City-wide networks

Agriculture &
weather sensors