An SDK for any situation

The Bridgefy SDK can power many different kinds of mobile apps, and make mobile revenue and engagement grow by the month


Text Messages

Sharing text messages with people nearby shouldn’t cost your customers their data, or you in server expenses. Whether it’s while playing a game or on their favorite social media app, you can let users share texts with each other using Bridgefy mesh networks instead! Some use cases for text messaging:

  • Messaging apps

  • Gaming apps

  • Networking apps

  • Sports stadium apps

  • Concert and music festival apps


Game Apps

Imagine kids at school being able to play your game without needing a Wi-Fi network or huge amounts of data. Turn-based games oftentimes only need to share short and light text strings between players, and your interface does the rest. Open up the fun to people who can’t or don’t want to use their data, and watch your numbers skyrocket! Some examples of turn-based games that Bridgefy can make work offline:

  • Poker

  • Blackjack

  • Chess

  • Risk

  • Uno

  • Pokémon



Have you ever been on a trip and found yourself without access to your data? Ever been to a store where they didn’t have a credit card terminal? Have you ever been at a stadium or concert, and couldn’t pay for something because of poor connectivity? Bridgefy allows payments transactions to happen even when you don’t have access to a data connection! Some examples of situations in which an offline payments app would be helpful:

  • Music events

  • Sports events

  • Rural locations

  • While traveling internationally

  • When you want to transfer crypto

* Payments apps running on the Bridgefy SDK require at least one person to have Internet access to validate transactions. One way to avoid this necessity is to use credit on your app that can be discounted; in this case, no one would need Internet access for the transaction to happen


Social Media

We oftentimes believe that the major social media companies have a monopoly on their category, but what if you built a dating app that worked in crowded bars or at concerts? What if your networking app was the only one that worked at large conferences and conventions? You’d own the market, that’s what! Some examples of apps that could (and should) work without the Internet:

  • Business networking apps

  • School apps

  • Dating apps

  • Neighborhood apps

Create unique and different apps

The app store is saturated with dating apps, messaging apps, and games. Oftentimes they offer the same identical features. By integrating the Bridgefy SDK, you’ll stand out in your users’ eyes (and phones) by being the only app of its kind that works without the Internet. Imagine how popular it would become!

Reach markets that are ignored by everyone else

It’s the year 2022 and 40% of smartphone owners still don’t have a mobile Internet subscription. However, all of these people want to participate in their local societies and economies, as well as stay safe and receive educational content. By opening up your app to this huge population, you’d be able to service markets that everyone else is ignoring. Yours for the taking!

User analytics no one else has

Naturally, if your app is the only one that works during crowded concerts or in cities with poor telco infrastructure, you’ll also be the only one that can know how these users behave. Our powerful dashboard shows you how many people are using your app offline, what kind of device they’re using, their activity, and much more, while always respecting their privacy and anonymity. More data leads to better product decisions, which leads to higher engagement!

Get ready to take off!

Watch engagement and revenue skyrocket once you’ve empowered your users who don’t have access to the Internet. We constantly improve the Bridgefy technology and add useful new features to the SDK and dashboard, so you can offer better apps constantly!