Make Your App Work Without Internet

The Bridgefy SDK makes mobile apps work using mesh networks instead of Internet, letting your users engage with your app during large events, natural disasters, schools, and much more.

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Connect the Unconnected

Open up your app to the millions of people that don’t have constant access to the Internet, and to those that lose access to their data plan multiple times a day. Bridgefy amplifies your target market, and helps you keep users engaged when other apps stop working.

Take a look at the Bridgefy real-world use cases.

Real mesh-networking technology already being used by millions

Bridgefy creates true and limitless mesh networks using both iOS and Android devices. Cover immense distances and thousands of users at the same time with the Bridgefy SDK, which is already being used by millions of real users in real situations, like music festivals, schools, natural disasters, and international travel.

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More engagement, more analytics, more revenue

Making your app work without an Internet connection can significantly increase app engagement and revenue, while collecting KPI-driving analytics that were previously impossible to generate before. Get insights on the new ways your users engage with your app, and explore new revenue streams.