Connecting the Unconnected

Integrate the Bridgefy SDK for Android and iOS into your mobile app and make it work when your users don't have access to Internet.
Capitalize on moments and places where your app is needed the most.

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Be there for your users when others aren't

Bridgefy lets people connect in a variety of ways, over autonomous and efficient networks

Direct contact

Direct communication between devices, up to 330 feet.

Mesh networking

Messages can be delivered over larger distances through intermediary devices.


Messages spread out to all nearby users.

Perks of integrating the Bridgefy SDK

  • Higher app usage
  • New use cases, markets and products
  • Independence from third-party service providers
  • Increased app versatility and reliability
Bridgefy.start(new DeviceListener() {
    public void onDeviceConnected(Device device, com.bridgefy.sdk.client.Session session) {
        super.onDeviceConnected(device, session);
    public void onDeviceLost(Device device) {
    }, new MessageListener() {
    public void onMessageReceived(com.bridgefy.sdk.client.Message message) {

    public void onBroadcastMessageReceived(com.bridgefy.sdk.client.Message message) {


Give your users a fantastic experience by providing new and exciting features like: P2P, Proximity, Mesh and Offline connectivity.

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What operating systems does Bridgefy support?

We’ve developed Bridgefy SDKs for Android and iOS, which includes communication between both operating systems.

What advantages does Bridgefy offer against similar services?

Bridgefy is the only technology in the market that allows for messages to “hop” multiple times without device jailbreaking required, while preserving battery life, security, and allowing for Android - iOS communication.

How does Bridgefy work?

Messages are shared through autonomous mesh networks created by mobile devices by using their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas to allow information to travel large distances without requiring an Internet connection.

How do I integrate Bridgefy into my app?

You can head over to the Developers section to learn about how easy it is to make your app work without Internet.