Bridgefy Mesh SDK

The Bridgefy Software Development Kit (SDK) is a state-of-the-art mesh-networking SDK that will let people use your mobile app when they don’t have access to the Internet, but with Bluetooth instead!

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Connect the Unconnected

Billions of people want and need to use mobile apps, but oftentimes find themselves unable to. Set yourself apart from similar apps and reach untapped markets, while improving the lives of your users. Bridgefy amplifies your target audience, and helps you keep users engaged when other apps stop working.

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Tech validated by 6,200,000 people

Unlike other early-stage products, Bridgefy has already been used by more than 6,200,000 people during natural disasters, large events, schools, and much more through the Bridgefy App. We’ve learned what works and what’s useful, and can now safely help other companies make their own apps work offline through the Bridgefy SDK.

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Increase Revenue

Making your app work without an Internet connection can significantly increase app engagement and revenue, while collecting KPI-driving data that were previously impossible to generate before. Get insights on the new ways your users engage with your app and explore new revenue streams through a full analytics dashboard.

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