Bridgefy Announces Strategic Partnership with Atlas Associates to Enhance Global Connectivity

Uncategorized 08/07/2023

Bridgefy Announces Strategic Partnership with Atlas Associates to Enhance Global Connectivity

Tokyo, August, 2023 – Bridgefy, a leader in Internet-independent mobile messaging, today announced a landmark collaboration with Tokyo-based Atlas Associates. This partnership leverages Bridgefy’s groundbreaking technology, allowing messaging apps to work without the Internet, using Bluetooth mesh networks.

Innovating Together

The alliance with Atlas Associates marks a new era of expansion as Bridgefy integrates with Atlas Associates’ messaging app “Nocturne by Atlas” and upcoming SNS app. By enabling communication without reliance on Internet connectivity, this collaboration further solidifies Bridgefy’s goals to be at the forefront of innovative communication solutions in Japan.

A Global Impact

This partnership empowers communities in regions like Africa and South America, where Internet access may be limited or sporadic. By extending communication capabilities without the Internet, Bridgefy and Atlas Associates are bridging gaps and fostering connection in underserved areas.

CEO’s Insight

Jorge Rios, CEO of Bridgefy, commented on the collaboration, “This strategic partnership with Atlas Associates aligns perfectly with our mission to keep people connected, regardless of their access to the Internet. We’re excited to see how our technology enhances global communication and sets new standards for the industry.”

About Bridgefy

Bridgefy is changing the world by offering a mobile messaging application and software development kit that enable communication without Internet or phone data. These pioneering products are increasing engagement and creating new revenue streams across various app categories. Learn more at

About Atlas Associates

Atlas Associates, headquartered in Tokyo, is a dynamic technology company focused on deploying messaging apps in Africa and South America. Their commitment to innovative solutions aligns with Bridgefy’s vision of global connectivity.