Should I integrate the Bridgefy SDK into my mobile app?

The Bridgefy SDK is a highly-versatile tool, that can solve problems for all kinds of companies. Some kinds of apps that can benefit from working without Internet are:

· Games
· Social media
· Natural disaster
· Large events (musical, sports)
· Education

And much more! Try out the Bridgefy SDK for free and watch engagement and revenue grow.

What's the difference between the Bridgefy SDK and the Bridgefy Messaging App?

Both the Bridgefy App and the Bridgefy SDK create mesh networks that people can use to share information offline. Click here to dive deeper into how our tech works!

Some differences between the Bridgefy SDK and the Bridgefy App:

Bridgefy SDK
Is for software engineers to use
· Can’t be installed on your phone
· Is software that powers other apps so they can work without Internet. Click here to check out the Bridgefy SDK!

Bridgefy App
Is a mobile app for anybody to use
· Works on iOS and Android devices (click here to learn more and download it!)
· Is free and can be used right away, so tell all of your friends!

How many devices need to have access to the Internet for a Mesh Network to work?

None! Mesh networks can be 100% offline. Literally, all devices can be on airplane mode with Bluetooth on, and they can keep sharing content uninterruptedly. Optionally, developers can choose to implement offline networks or hybrid networks, which do use some devices’ Internet. Click here to learn more about 100% offline and hybrid mesh-networks.

What kind of file sizes can you share using Bridgefy SDK?

Bridgefy works using Bluetooth Low-Energy and Wi-Fi Direct, which means there is a large range of options regarding packet types. Text, files, images, prompts, alerts, game moves, triggers, locations, and payments are all supported.

What languages and wrappers are compatible with Bridgefy SDK?

We have versions of the Bridgefy SDK for the following:

· Android (Kotlin)
· iOS (Swift)
· React Native
· Flutter
· Unity (coming soon)

Click here to check out our code!

I'm a development company and want to use the Bridgefy SDK for my customers, what's the next step?

We love working with dev shops! The Bridgefy Partner Program is a list of Bridgefy-approved companies that we refer customers to. Click here to learn more about how we can work together.

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