Bridgefy’s Continued Relevance in an Evolving Digital Landscape: How Our Solution Defies Technological Predictions

Uncategorized 08/25/2023

More Than Just a Temporary Solution

In an age where instant communication reigns supreme, the natural progression might lead one to envision a world seamlessly connected by the Internet. Yet, despite remarkable advances in technology, such as 5G and initiatives like Starlink, the reality paints a strikingly different picture.

1.- Bridgefy Is Available Today

Bridgefy, our innovative messaging app that uses Bluetooth instead of the Internet, is not just a promise for the future – it’s available today. Almost 10 million Bridgefy App downloads have proven that people actually need and seek out alternatives to the Internet. While the world chases the dream of universal Internet access, millions remain disconnected. Bridgefy is not waiting for the future; it’s solving a real problem right now. Initiatives like Starlink are at the mercy of the whims of a very few people, and are expensive, non-inclusive, and unreliable.

2.- The Challenge of Universal Internet Access

The expansion of Internet connectivity is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, but it’s important to be realistic about the complexities involved, particularly in the Global South. Most of these countries lack the financial resources, infrastructure, or political will to rapidly implement technologies like 5G. Even the United States, the most powerful and rich country in the world, will take almost 8 years and $42B to provide universal access to the whole of the USA. How long would it take countries in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia? Would they even be able to afford it?

Take Sub-Saharan Africa, for example. A report from the GSMA stated that by 2025, only 3% of connections will be 5G in this region. The cost of infrastructure, smartphones, and the overall economic environment has slowed the transition, making solutions like Bridgefy vital for the foreseeable future.

3.- Internet Outages, Saturations, Censorship: A Harsh Reality

Even in countries with advanced Internet connectivity, unforeseen challenges persist. Universal Internet access doesn’t translate into seamless access.

  • Outages: The UK suffered more than 500 Internet outages in the first half of 2020 alone. These outages illustrate that technology, no matter how advanced, is never foolproof.
  • Saturations: The case of New Year’s Eve in major cities across the globe showcases the limitations of modern networks. When everyone attempts to send greetings at midnight, networks become saturated, and messages are delayed or lost. This isn’t a niche problem: millions of people lose access to the Internet every day due to natural disasters, congested cities, large events, and while in school/office buildings.
  • Censorship and political turmoil: In 2019, during political unrest, the Iranian government shut down the Internet for a week. The ability to communicate without reliance on traditional Internet channels becomes not just a convenience but a lifeline. Multiple situations such as the censorship in Hong Kong, Myanmar (Burma), and the war in Ukraine are just a few examples of when governments limited access to communications.

4.- Beyond smartphones and apps

Another way Bridgefy will ensure its grasp on the market is by expanding beyond mobile apps. A world-wide network that not only includes smartphones, but also enables IoT devices and operating systems to join in, has always been part of the Bridgefy roadmap. Even if the Internet should become universally accessible, thousands of companies, governments, schools, and other organizations would always want alternative, private, and decentralized networks to work with. 

Bridgefy’s technology is adaptable across various sectors, from facilitating communication during large-scale events to enhancing connectivity in transportation systems. This versatility opens doors to multiple revenue streams and partnerships, promising significant growth potential.

5.- Bridging the Last-Mile Gap Left by Traditional Telco Infrastructure

Telecommunications companies often focus on urban and densely populated areas, leaving remote and rural regions underserved. Bridgefy’s ability to function without the Internet allows it to fill these critical last-mile gaps. Whether in a remote village or at the edge of a sprawling city, Bridgefy ensures that no community is left disconnected. This unique positioning not only expands our reach but also opens up new markets, making Bridgefy an essential partner in the global push towards total connectivity. Bridgefy can partner up with large telcos and make their own networks more robust and reliable.

A Future Where Bridgefy Thrives

The world of technology is, without a doubt, evolving at a breath-taking pace. But the road to universal, reliable Internet access is fraught with complexities, delays, and unexpected challenges. Bridgefy doesn’t represent a stopgap on the path to global Internet connectivity; it’s a crucial bridge that empowers communication today, especially where it’s needed the most. As history has shown us, technology’s promises can be slow to materialize, giving solutions like Bridgefy not just relevance but profound importance for years, if not decades, to come.

The real question isn’t whether Bridgefy will become irrelevant, but rather how we ever managed without it in the first place. The solution is here, it’s tangible, and it’s changing lives right now. In a world where connectivity still remains a privilege, Bridgefy is a beacon of inclusivity and resilience, and that’s a vision we believe will never grow old.