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How To Use The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App

Bridgefy App 04/16/2021

The Bridgefy offline messaging app works similarly to other messaging apps, except you can also use it without Internet and phone services (SMS)! Click to download for Android or for iOS.

The Bridgefy app is incredibly easy to use: all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth, open it, and you’re set! You’re then able to send text messages to all other Bridgefy users within a 330 feet or 100 meter range.

It’s important to note that you do need to be connected to the Internet, but only the very first time you open the app. We use this Internet connection to activate the magic software that makes the app work. You won’t ever need to have an Internet connection after this first time! You can even place your phone on airplane mode, turn on Bluetooth, and start using the app.

In summary, these are the quick steps to use the Bridgefy app:

  1. Connect to the Internet (only the first time you use the app. If you’ve already been over this, skip this step)
  2. Turn Bluetooth on
  3. Open the app
  4. Go to the Broadcast tab, and start sharing messages with people nearby

Remember to make sure your friends download the app too!

How The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Works

By using Bluetooth, your smartphone can connect over a range of 330 feet or 100 meters with all other Bridgefy users nearby, by going into the “Broadcast” tab. Once you’re inside this chat room, you’ll be able to text with anybody around you that is also using the Bridgefy app, even if they’re not on your contacts list! It’s great for natural disasters, sharing information during a music concert, at a sports game, or a large protest. It works like this:

The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Lets you Reach any other user around you

The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Lets you Reach any other user around you

Imagine you’re the device in the center. Bridgefy sends your message to everyone around you, and then to everyone around them, covering a huge amount of users. Remember you can use the Bridgefy app by going into the Broadcast tab! Broadcasts are a great way to share information in large gatherings.

Who is already using the Bridgefy Offline Messaging App?

Millions of people around the world have downloaded the Bridgefy app. They have found it useful in a myriad of different cases. For example, in natural disasters in Mexico and Iran, at music festivals in the USA, at protests in Hong Kong and India, and in schools! There’s even a great article written about the Bridgefy app on Forbes, about how it helped keep people connected while being in huge crowds.

We’re excited about the feedback we’ve gotten from our users. They’ve told us how we’ve helped them find their families and kept them safe. What ways can Bridgefy work for you?

Still have questions about the Bridgefy App? Click here to visit our FAQ.