Our commitment to the privacy and security of all Bridgefy users

Privacy and Security 07/16/2021

At Bridgefy, we’re constantly looking for new and better ways to improve our users’ lives: by making our app easier to use, improving our website, or by updating the Bridgefy SDK to allow developers to integrate it quicker. Our responsibility increases along with our user base, and we’re excited to see our company grow into areas we never imagined.

Bridgefy was originally created to help people communicate with each other before/during/after natural disasters and music festivals, but it has evolved into much more. Since mid-2019 we’ve seen Bridgefy being used in more than 170 countries we never dreamt would adopt our technology- during all kinds of natural disasters, as we once envisioned, but also during social unrest movements, protests and gatherings. This lead to us having to pay closer attention to how we protected our users.

Technology is ever-changing. What once worked to keep systems secure stops working soon after- which is why every single organization using technology is perpetually at risk of having its security systems penetrated. The US Federal Government, Apple, Microsoft and Netflix, Intel and Cisco, and even meat suppliers have been affected recently, despite spending millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars on cybersecurity. It just goes to show that privacy, security, and anonymity have to constantly be improving and evolving, regardless of the size of your company.

During late 2020, we did a complete revamp of the security around Bridgefy. The best, quickest and easiest way for us to significantly advance in this department was to start working on implementing the Signal Protocol, an advanced encryption protocol that even Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger use. The true challenge was modifying the Signal Protocol so that it would also work offline, and we made gigantic internal breakthroughs in this aspect. We were happy that our app was encrypted* to the best of our capacity.

Now that Bridgefy has passed the 6-million downloads mark, our pledge to do our best at keeping our users safe is reiterated. We’re launching versions of the Bridgefy App and the Bridgefy SDK that will contain significant security improvements to protect the wellbeing of our users and customers. We’re giddy with excitement about what’s coming this year, and can’t wait to get feedback from our beloved users! And remember: try to avoid sharing sensitive information through any digital means, as no technical product is 100% safe!